Aaaaaand it's gone!

So another summer's gone by already. Between actual work and adjusting to this becoming a business, I feel I could've gotten out more. Maybe next year. In the meantime, I'm mentally preparing for winter in the Great White North.

The season's been pretty busy. After NAMM, we focused on putting the final details into releasing the Locust discrete distortion and the Amaterasu bright pre-amp, bringing our current roster at three great amplification units with the Blood Oath overdrive, covering pretty much the whole gain spectrum. Demos were made and the response has been extremely positive.

We also launched an Artists page. We have gained support from amazing people such as Canadian singer-songwriter Greg Macpherson, Thomas V. J├Ąger of Sweden's doom outfit Monolord and Karl Larsson of Sweden's Last Days of April. It's an incredible feeling to have artists you've been a fan of for years using something you've built with your own two hands playing these songs that you love so much. Wow.

I guess the remainder of 2016 will be spent filling orders and building inventory but also on heavy R&D. Prototypes are already being built. Expect surprises for 2017. Wait... it's not a surprise if you expect it.

Expect nothing, then.

Sebastien VezinaComment