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Blood Oath - low/mid gain overdrive


Ground Control Audio is small guitar effects company based in Montreal, Canadaland. We design and build guitar pedals, one at a time, with great care and quality components. Here's a list of our pedals.

Blood Oath - low/mid gain overdrive


Blood Oath - low/mid gain overdrive


The Blood Oath is taking a short break from production until early 2018 as we are working on slight usability improvements. We are still taking orders as its great tone will remain untouched but be aware that they will be processed when v2.1 is available.

The Blood Oath - A low to mid gain overdrive with a flexible tone control offering enough range for bass players and an independent pre-gain stage essentially allowing two overdrive modes. Can act as a subtle clean boost just as much as a full blown rock machine.

Available in both silicon and germanium flavors - silicon providing a more agressive and compressed tone while germanium sounds much more open and smoother.

Uses a standard 9V DC center-negative power supply. Has no battery support. The use of an isolated power supply is recommended for best performance.

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