Warranty and Returns


All of our pedals come with a limited lifetime* warranty. This warranty includes all parts that break from natural wear and tear, excluding the enclosure itself, screws, knobs, LEDs, accidental and cosmetic damage.

All damage resulting from voluntary or involuntary negligence, accidents, misuse or abuse is excluded from and will void this warranty. Some examples are: jacks, pots or switches breaking from shock or trauma, using a wrong power source or bringing with you in a swimming pool. 

Any and all attempts at tampering, altering, modifying or repairing this unit will void this warranty and remove any and all responsibilities, liabilities and obligations related to this product from Ground Control Audio, its owners, employees and third parties, towards the customer, their friends and families and the whole universe.

Unless clearly specified, all pedals are designed to work with standard 9V center-negative “Boss-like” power supplies.

If something is wrong with your pedal, please email us at info@groundcontrolaudio.com with your name, pedal model, serial number (inside the backplate) and all relevant info regarding the problem, including pictures, for an RMA. If we find the problem falls within this warranty, a return will be arranged. Any and all shipping charges are the sole responsibility of the customer, including ship back. Repair work not covered by this warranty can be done on request and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

We reserve the right to change this policy at any time without prior warning or announcements.

This warranty is not transferable and only applies to the original owner.

* “lifetime” means the life of the company. If Ground Control Audio ceases its activities, this warranty will also end immediately.



All items bought directly from Ground Control Audio can be returned for a refund under the following conditions:

  • The item is in its original perfect, like-new condition
  • The return has been requested at most 72 hours following delivery confirmation
  • The original packaging and warranty/return policy papers are included

To request a return, please email info@groundcontrolaudio.com with the serial number of the item, which can be found on the packaging. A follow-up will be sent promptly. If your return has been authorized, you can ship the item at the following address:

ATTN: Sebastien Vezina

301-338 St-Antoine Est
Montreal, Qc, Canada
H2Y 1A3

Please note that all shipping fees including ship-back are the customer’s responsibility. Ground Control Audio cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged items during shipment.

We ask that you provide a tracking number with each return.

Upon receipt, the item will be inspected. If the required conditions are met, a refund for the price paid for the item minus shipping fees and a 10% restocking fee will be issued. In the event the item is not in its original condition, further instructions will be sent to you via email. We reserve the right to charge for restoration work of the unit (e.g. a replacement enclosure).

That said - we seriously hope you will enjoy our products and want to make sure you are satisfied both as a guitarist and a valued customer. Please consider emailing us with your questions or concerns before asking for a return.